About Us

Hyosu Kim is a registered acupuncturist in California and a licensed Korean/Oriental Medicine Doctor and graduated from Kyunghee University in Seoul, South Korea, the most prominent academic school of Korean/Oriental Medicine.

He is a member of The Association of Spine and Joint Korean Medicine. Kim comes from a family with a strong Korean/Oriental medical history. His grandpa was a well-known Korean medicine practitioner.

His father has been in the herbal medicine industry for more than 30 years, and his siblings are all Korean Medicine Doctors with thriving clinics.
Since his graduation, Hyosu Kim has been working in a clinical environment.

He has been employing acupuncture and other ways to provide safe, competent, and effective care. He also operates a whole-person, holistic approach.

This wellness technique entails identifying the underlying causes of any abnormalities in the body and implementing actions that improve a person’s health and physique. With his skills and loving heart, he is committed to providing truly comprehensive care.